Electrostatic Sprayer

The electrostatic sprayer is one of the most effective and economical application technologies available. Capable of delivering a wide range of disinfectants, the electrostatic sprayer takes a single drop of liquid and turns it into 900 positively charged droplets.
Those charged droplets are then attracted to the object or surface requiring disinfection, defying gravity in the process. Because of this, the electrostatic sprayer is able to reach areas that are frequently missed by traditional disinfection methods, including the underside, backside and crevasses of objects that harbor contamination.

When it comes to the droplets, size really does matter. Turning a single drop into 900 and propelling it at high velocity, means that you use much less disinfectant in the process. Our clients can now afford to use disinfectants with the highest efficacy and safety ratings that would otherwise be too expensive if applied with traditional methods.
The most critical stage in our process, and allows us to determine your current levels of contamination, your business
needs, and put together a plan of action.
The benefits of electrostatic spraying:

  • Smaller droplets mean less product usage and less cost
  • Charged particles easily cover hard to reach places
  • Proper application ensures 100% coverage
  • Reduces potential for human error

ULV Cold Fogging

ULV Fogging is a well-established method used to quickly apply disinfectants and remove airborne contamination, including odors. The fogging process greatly reduces a chemical’s droplet size and minimizes the amount of disinfectant used, making it an economical alternative for controlling odors or decontaminating large areas such as warehouses, gymnasiums, animal pens, etc.
When used in the appropriate setting, and matched with a disinfectant that’s EPA approved for fogging, it is a cost effective alternative for many applications. Advanced Germ Control can treat your facility quickly and economically with the latest fogging technologies.