Cutting edge whole room disinfection fogging and Antimicrobial Prevention.

Using cutting edge technology, Advanced Germ Control will unleash an invisible army to protect your workplace or home from harmful bacteria, viruses, allergens, molds, fungus, Volatile Organic Compounds and odors.

Safe to use around humans, pets and the environment. Safe to use on children’s and pet toys.

Our process and hospital grade, GREEN & NON-TOXIC solution will disinfect and deodorize every surface, crack and crevice of your indoor environment and will last up to 90 days!

Our EPA registered, non- toxic, hospital grade disinfectant is odorless, bio- degradable, hypo-allergenic, and non-corrosive.

Our solutions and methods of application are more effective than bleach without the harmful side effects that bleach causes.

Safe for application on fabrics and Hard Surfaces We offer full range disinfection and Infection Prevention services from residential homes to industrial facilities.






Need a healthy environment? We eradicate harmful viruses and bacteria. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores are no match for us. Our EPA-registered, non-toxic disinfectant is safe enough to use around food while strong enough to use in hospitals and physician offices. Plus, our touchless application eliminates the risk of human error.


When a surface has been disinfected, it is not disinfected for life, as germs are spread every time it is come in contact with. Certain bacteria can double every twenty minutes, meaning within hours, your surfaces can be once again infected. The best protection against this is to use a surface protectant agent. Our micro-biostatic antimicrobial coating will not only inhibit infection-creating bacteria but also odor, mildew, and mold. Our technology helps prevent the same bacteria from returning. Epa approved for both porous and non-porous materials. Also unlike other antimicrobials, ours is built to last for a longer amount of time, up to 90 days.